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My name is Jenny Feng and I’m the CEO of  You haven’t heard much from me, only because I’ve been busy – very busy.  So my SEO Superhero has been covering for me, subsequently trying to improve our Google ranking.

My background has been in product management.  I still do that now, but I’m also an entrepreneur and a team leader – many hats.

So what is product management?

Wikipedia’s definition is across the board, and not as elaborate as I had expected.

Alltop shares different perspectives on it, via blog posts.

When I think of product management, I think “jack of all trades, master of none.”  Our resourcefulness compensates for mastery – so there!

Product managers’ roles are complex and often misunderstood.  The complexity grooms us to be future CEOs and Entrepreneurs, and misunderstood equates to being underpaid – agree?

So, who (or what) are product managers?  What makes them tick?  What do they aspire to become and what inspires them?  Why are they workaholics?  Where do they hang out?  How can I help them be more productive at work so they can get a life outside of work?

I’m on a quest to find out – so stay tuned!

Jenny Feng


Due to the advent and advancement of technology, marketing has become competitive and narrowed with the increasing number of competitors rising every day.  To narrow down the lists, people often visit websites in search for products and services, relying on search engines to give them a good site that offers the utmost of what they are looking for.  Search engine marketing makes your website more visible and accessible.  It is then a good investment to have a website of your products and services that have major keywords in them to get identified through search engines.


Different marketer tools are available in the web to make your website more vivid and have more traffic coming from numerous consumers, may it be in a local area or worldwide.  There are also websites that give free business plan templates for you to consider while you make your website.  What would be your goal in your business?  What is your plan of action and selected recourse just in case something does not go accordingly?  Each marketing strategy is enumerated one by one in your selected templates to optimize your website for increased traffic.  Incorporate words that would make your website stand out during online search conducted by a certain populace that you desire.

However, do know that increased traffic is not synonymous to significant increase in sales.  Even if your website is available in search engines and considered as the most popular site of information, you may be lacking that one particular character that a consumer is looking for.  Or, sometimes, content is not the problem.  You have all the information that a buyer is looking for, but where that information is located in your website is also a major issue.  Say for example you’re website is a pay-per-click If people can access your website, but cannot search easily and quickly what they are looking for, your website is not optimized for web marketing.

Designing and planning a website for search engine marketing may be tedious, but the results would be worth it once you have optimized your site.  It is a good investment with good results if done the right way.

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