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Personal branding is when you identify YOURSELF as the brand of your business.  You create a name for a business not known for the business itself, but because of you.  Food, service, products – everything can be given a personal brand.  It is easier if you personally give the service that you market.  While you go over your marketing plan, you will see that it’s easier to do this type of marketing.  If you personally believe in your talent, skills, and the ability you will find no hardship in selling your personal brand.

You must be an expert in your field.  Know what it takes to be THE top, if not among, of your chosen profession. You, yourself, are the product of your business.  Invest in personal development.  Constantly seek out new knowledge, techniques, and other updates that will help your professional growth.  Be consistent with what you offer.  That means quality.  Unlike corporate branding, you have no area for lax in quality.  Know your limits, and love your identity.  If you are that brand, you cannot be the other.  Also be prepared for hardship in transfer.  When people buy your product, they are looking for YOU.  If they see that the front-liner is not the one in the brand, expect a significant decrease in sales.

Successful branding will give you a place in your desired field.  You will be well-known in your industry and gain a significant value in the market.  Your position and reputation will be hard to topple down once you have established a solid reputation.  Your personal contacts and the media will help spread the word that you have a product that is clearly identified to yourself.

The knowledge, entertainment, or help that you offer as your service will eventually help you create a name for yourself.  Many will gain a lot of benefits from you, and you will have thousands following you wherever you go.  Devise a marketing plan that will help you attain this goal.  Many marketing plan templates can be customized to aid you to do so.  Keep on believing and upgrading your product, and eventually, the brand known as YOU will be something that consumers will loyally look out for.


One of the most important things to consider when writing a business is the business name.  It must be good enough, and great enough to get the attention of many and entice them in buying whatever it is you’re selling.  What is your business?  What do you want to offer to the buying public?  Make sure you plan what you want to sell by making a marketing plan.  If you are unsure of how to do so, you can download marketing plan templates online. Once you have decided, you have to think about these factors as you create a name for your business.

Business Name

Head over to the state registry and look for registered names that might be similar to the one you have in mind.  Remember, the first one to have a name registered has full rights to the name, and it does not matter if you sell the same thing or not.  Make sure that it is catchy – as well as memorable.  Even if you have the most exotic and enchanting business name, if people cannot remember it, it does not matter.

A descriptive name can also help attract people.  Attaching descriptions such as “salon,” “café” legal services” will surely attract the right people that you wish to cater to.  No one would need to wonder what area you specialize since it is plainly stated beside your business name.   A logo with the name and the color that you apply will definitely add some persuasive power to your business.  Green is ideal for gardening, landscaping.  Blue is can be used for hotels since it is often associated with rest.  A red sign for a restaurant can help depict the foods served as spicy and full of flavors that would invigorate the body and spirit.

As you think of a name, what do you aspire to achieve in your business?  Have you created goals and strategies that would help you not only during the start, but through the entirety of your venture?  There are free business plan templates online that can help you figure out your business plan – and may even help you choose a name for your enterprise.

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