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There are several ways to get your market known.  The constant development of mass media has created endless possibilities for the businessmen and marketers around for spreading the news of their commodities.  The World Wide Web is not only a place for you to look for marketer tools. The internet can offer you thousands of possibilities for you to reach out to countless people and market your business.  You can begin with websites that offer subscriptions to special offers, newsletters, or an avenue for loyal patrons to ask for help or give out a good word.

The first step is building that wonderful website.  Have it search-engine-optimized based on your products and services.  Think of keywords that people may use in search for your type of product.  Once they look for it in search engines, they will get returns of websites most visited or more apt to the keyword that they looked for.  Your website will be among the returned websites searched by the engine, and may even be on the top list.

Have an avenue that consumers can write about their experience about your product, service, or establishment.  A Blog area for your target market will be a way for you to get to know your customers.  Aside from that, the feedbacks that they write will be your key to know what it is needed to give them a better deal.

Keep your website updated with new content.  Include there bargain deals that they can avail in selected retailers.  Product updates, like new packaging, new ingredients or features that customers will love will be most welcome to them.  With the choice of having to subscribe to your websites newsletters, consumers can stay up to date with changes in your business via email and RSS feeds.

Explore and exploit ways to use the internet for marketing your business to customers.  Consumers nowadays are more eager for a somewhat intimate relationship with the business that they patronize.  Consider including this option when you create that marketing plan template that is geared towards internet marketing.


You have are marketing a great product.  It is inexpensive, and based on your conducted feasibility study, and a prime need of your target consumers.  But for some odd reason, only a few good souls are out there looking for your great idea.  How is this so?  Have you considered that maybe it’s your packaging that’s the problem?  Sure, your product has been in the market, say a decade or more.  But is your old packaging enough to catch the attention of your new customers?


What are the things that comprise your packaging?  The name, the symbol, ingredients, nutritional facts, you name it.  There are picky customers out there that do not leave the tiniest bit of detail for granted.  Even if you do know what’s in your product, do your customers know exactly what makes it so good?  Update the name.  Maybe it’s not that catchy enough. See if the new generation of shoppers can be attracted with the name of your merchandise.  It should be easy to remember, and most importantly, easy to spell.  Next would be the nutritional factors.  This should be carefully considered in your marketing checklist.  There are people out there with health problems, or health buffs who what to see what exactly they take in.

If it’s an electronic device or appliance, does it fit the standards for those with pacemakers, hearing aids, visual disturbances? If it is food, does it have the tag low sodium, no gluten or gluten-free, high-fiber, low fat, etc?  Is the packaging too much in wrapping?  Or maybe it speaks of cost-cutting like poor quality paper, bad printing.  Which, harsh it may be, translates to poor quality merchandise?  Let’s face it. Most consumers today are out for eye candy when it comes to taking interest on a product.

Consider redoing your marketing plan template to conform to re-doing your packaging.

Today’s recession has brought some drastic effects on business.  Consumers are more inclined to save than to splurge over items that they want, in lieu of the items that they need.  That means more are saving for spending extra on food that gives high nutrition.  Marketing studies conducted by IBM revealed a large percentage (72%) are choosy when it comes to the quality of the food that they purchase in stores.  An observant businessman will notice that shoppers are dividing their time shopping, spending more time in certain aisles while reducing or even removing themselves from other aisles.


What does this indicate to businessmen?  If you are in the produce business, you need to redo your marketing plan.  Consider it part of your business and marketing plan to invest in quality improvement of your produce.  Put it in your marketing checklist to include certain bargain offers for shoppers that will help them get the best buy without crippling your business.  If you own a retail store, consider giving a cheaper offer to consumers, like bulk orders.  Even though they still consider spending more on quality, they are still after a good buy.  Those who are after nutritious food sometimes opt for pre-cut vegetables for they not only offer the nutrition that they are seeking, but also a cheaper price to help their budget.

Others opt to change their stores in efforts to save and get a better deal for their money.  If they hear that this store offers a bargain deal better than the one they are currently patronizing, they will consider visiting the other store to check the prices and compare. If you see that your regular customers are now visiting you less, you need to redo your marketing strategy.  Have some help for your marketing plan by looking for marketing plan templates that can help you figure out how to give the best of both worlds for you and for your consumers.

People often start doing business without even considering about their competitors.  They draft into their marketing plan templates with a marketing checklist that does not address the issue of competitors putting in risks in their business.


Competitors should be kept under close watch.  For one, they impose this risk of lessening traffic and buyers in your own market.  They can go subtly, like offering a better product.  Or they can do it drastically, by creating a negative feedback and do dirty marketing by dishing out some negative points in your products that does not even exist.

You can never avoid competition.  One way or another, you have to face it head on.  Or, if you prefer, dance along with their tune and see who will be the last one standing.  Find out who they are affiliated with.  Once you do, get affiliated with them as well.  This way, you will be drawing away some business traffic from our competitor towards you.  Some affiliations require a sum of money for continued patronage.  Know how much your competitor is offering.  Once you do, go up a notch from their price and you may even win that priced contract.  Get them to patronize your product, and make them realize the benefits of advertising your trades other than those of your competition.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now easier to spy on your competitors.  Media advertisements give you an idea on what they are doing in order to promote their market.  The internet is a very useful tool in this process.  Visit your competitor’s website.  Study it carefully, and see sort of information they are giving to their clients.   That information is your gateway to know what are their weak points, as well as their selling points.  Once you have that under tabs, you can redesign your marketing plan template to create a whole new marketing strategy that would enable you to go against your competition.

Your social network enables you to keep a friendly relationship with business partners.  However, as they say: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  Always keep a close watch on your competitors for they have the ability to cause failure in your marketing strategy.

A lot of people set up their business without bothering to expand their social network.  The do not realize that their social network can be the key to their success, and the productivity in sales.  The more contacts you have in your business, the more area and possibilities you can have for marketing your products.


Those who are business savvy always have the inclusion of a particular social network in their business plan and marketing checklist.  Business contacts that you gain through your network can help you define and customize your business and marketing strategies.  They may offer you help like financial advices, marketing strategies, and a whole lot more.  Some would even offer to help you create a free business plan template.  Your contacts can offer you lower prices of raw materials, or commodities that you might not find anywhere else.  The possibilities are endless if you would just think about it.

May it be real or online, the rules are pretty much the same and even simple.  If you’re invited to an event, get to know the organizer.  Show them your appreciation of being invited, and if able, ask and offer a helping hand.  While having a conversation, be polite as much as possible, and please do not cuss and curse.  Some people think it gathers attention.  Well, yes it does.  However, a negative attention is not what you need to foster a good relationship with people inside the social network.  Do not monopolize the conversation and do not press on your business with the people you are talking with.  The event is for socializing, not for purposive advertising of business.

Only give your business card if they so ask.  Offer.  Do not impose.  See who are the key persons are inside the room.  Side in while they’re having a conversation.  Listen to what they say and only offer your insights if they ask. Always put your finger into the pulse of the conversation.  Never say anything that is not related with the topic for risk of offending the people within the circle.

So go out and get into creating a social network that would be of good benefit for your business.  Stay away from negative people, and as much as possible, just be with those who are optimistic to help you get up that business ladder.

You already have a business in mind.  All you need to do is put it into fruition so you can get benefits out of a planned market.  You already have your target market planned out, and you have a marketing plan already made. All you need now is to address your target market.  Businessmen, through countless research and experience, have formulated the 4 P’s of marketing.  These 4 P’s are vital when you make your marketing checklist, and must be thought of carefully.

Product: Whatever it is that you wish to offer, your product has a lot of characteristics that you need think of.  Harsh as it may, people often look into the packaging of a product, especially when it comes to cosmetics and food.  Functional items are often asked about warranty and support services in case the product would fail to perform what it’s supposed to do.

Price: In today’s recession, this is the primary motivator of people when it comes to purchasing a product.  Some buy wares that come in discounts when bought in bulk.  Your suggested retail price can either sway or dissuade a customer from buying your merchandise.

Place: The area that you need to cover may affect your ROI.  A wider area may mean greater expenses in terms of transfer and delivery.  Some employ the services of rental warehouses to lessen the travel time between distribution channels, as well as for ease in inventory management.  Where do you plan to market your product?  Location, location, location is always vital when distributing and selling products and services.

Promotion: You have to make your product known to the buying public.  Make sure your plan in you advertising strategy.  You might end up spending more on promoting your product in comparison to revenues that you will attain.  You can create some other promotional advertising like free samples, free services, or a demonstration of a product.

Carefully go through your marketing plan to make sure that you will fulfill the requirements of the 4 P’s.  If you don’t know how to go about your marketing plan, countless marketing plan templates are available to help you get started in making the most out of your marketing strategies.

Every business has some factors that affect its outcome.  Certain factors affect the stability of income in a business.  It’s important to keep these factors in mind in your marketing checklist so you will have a contingency plan just in case these factors affect your marketing plan.

Consider the demographics of your target market.  Their status can help you predict their needs, which will help you adjust your marketing strategy.  Newlyweds are more likely to find a new home of their own that they will eagerly spend hours (and money) decorating and renovating to their liking.  An increase in the teenage population can increase the need for fashionable and trendy items.

The season can also predict social and cultural trends.  Summer will have the demand for swim wear, and the desire to spend some time for rest and relaxation.  The start of school will require parents to buy school supplies and materials that will help their kids get through school.

The advancement of technology gives rise to equipments and gadgets that help people live their lives easily and comfortably.  People are more geared to having medical check-ups in hospitals that have the latest in diagnostic equipments.  The latest MP3 player may not be suitable enough even if it has the highest of capacities when there’s an MP4 player around.   A businessman will opt to buy a PDA that does not only organize his agenda, but also help him reach people across the globe.

Not all trends may affect the market you plan to play in.  Plan your market carefully for you to know what it is you need to do or deal with so when changes in trends happen, you have something to counteract the change.  There are free marketing plan templates available online to help you get a head start on facing these trends that can affect your business stability.

Each business is concerned with addressing the needs of a particular group of people.  It is impossible to consider giving your trades and services to an entire populace with different needs and different desires.  This results to over-expansion of your market, leading to bigger issues and bigger problems to handle.  A small target market ensures quality of business dealings, and lesser competitors.

Target Market

A marketing checklist is among the marketer tools needed to help you address problems, issues, demands and necessities of your target populace.  Confining your target market to a smaller scale will help you give quality service and products.

It is important for you to know the needs of your target market.  Even if you have the most amazing of products, if your target market deems it is not needed, you will have a hard time selling your products.  Others do this by creating a need through advertising just to get their items and services to be applicable to the buying public.  You cannot sell vacuum cleaners if your target market is clamoring for floor wipes.  You can conduct feasibility studies in order to know the demographics of your target population.  A group of households with tiles are more opt to by wipes than a group of households that have spent hundreds on floor carpeting.

Bear in mind the willingness if your target market to open up their wallets.  Even if you have what they need, but you sell it in a price range that cripples the budget, do not expect an immediate ROI.  With today’s recession, there are more and more people who spend more on the basic needs like food rather than buy that amazing product that can make their lives easier.  However, there are studies that show men are more lenient shoppers then women.  On the other side, men are critical to the products that they buy.  Once they have ascertained that the item they wish to buy is at par to their standards of quality, they are easily swayed to buy a product.

These are just some of the important factors to consider if you are to do your own business.  A specific target audience can be critical to the progress of your business, so knowing what they are and what they are willing to give would be essential.

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