As year-end approaches, everyone is “attempting” to resolute.  Most common resolutions are weight loss or fitness, or it’s drinking or smoking less.  New Year’s resolution has become a cliché; inconsequential and forgotten before you raise your next glass.

As managers, we are good at setting short-term and long-term business objectives, but when it comes to personal goals, we tend short-change ourselves.  Personal goals are equally important, and as with professional goals, we have a better chance of reaching our goals if we are specific and realistic in what we would like to achieve.  It is also essential to document our personal goals and grant ourselves at least one “stretch” (aka more ambitious) goal.

This year, I have a 3-prong resolution/goals for 2010 – in family, self and work.

Would you like to share your New Year’s resolution?

Good Luck & Happy 2010!

Jenny Feng