You have are marketing a great product.  It is inexpensive, and based on your conducted feasibility study, and a prime need of your target consumers.  But for some odd reason, only a few good souls are out there looking for your great idea.  How is this so?  Have you considered that maybe it’s your packaging that’s the problem?  Sure, your product has been in the market, say a decade or more.  But is your old packaging enough to catch the attention of your new customers?


What are the things that comprise your packaging?  The name, the symbol, ingredients, nutritional facts, you name it.  There are picky customers out there that do not leave the tiniest bit of detail for granted.  Even if you do know what’s in your product, do your customers know exactly what makes it so good?  Update the name.  Maybe it’s not that catchy enough. See if the new generation of shoppers can be attracted with the name of your merchandise.  It should be easy to remember, and most importantly, easy to spell.  Next would be the nutritional factors.  This should be carefully considered in your marketing checklist.  There are people out there with health problems, or health buffs who what to see what exactly they take in.

If it’s an electronic device or appliance, does it fit the standards for those with pacemakers, hearing aids, visual disturbances? If it is food, does it have the tag low sodium, no gluten or gluten-free, high-fiber, low fat, etc?  Is the packaging too much in wrapping?  Or maybe it speaks of cost-cutting like poor quality paper, bad printing.  Which, harsh it may be, translates to poor quality merchandise?  Let’s face it. Most consumers today are out for eye candy when it comes to taking interest on a product.

Consider redoing your marketing plan template to conform to re-doing your packaging.