Today’s recession has brought some drastic effects on business.  Consumers are more inclined to save than to splurge over items that they want, in lieu of the items that they need.  That means more are saving for spending extra on food that gives high nutrition.  Marketing studies conducted by IBM revealed a large percentage (72%) are choosy when it comes to the quality of the food that they purchase in stores.  An observant businessman will notice that shoppers are dividing their time shopping, spending more time in certain aisles while reducing or even removing themselves from other aisles.


What does this indicate to businessmen?  If you are in the produce business, you need to redo your marketing plan.  Consider it part of your business and marketing plan to invest in quality improvement of your produce.  Put it in your marketing checklist to include certain bargain offers for shoppers that will help them get the best buy without crippling your business.  If you own a retail store, consider giving a cheaper offer to consumers, like bulk orders.  Even though they still consider spending more on quality, they are still after a good buy.  Those who are after nutritious food sometimes opt for pre-cut vegetables for they not only offer the nutrition that they are seeking, but also a cheaper price to help their budget.

Others opt to change their stores in efforts to save and get a better deal for their money.  If they hear that this store offers a bargain deal better than the one they are currently patronizing, they will consider visiting the other store to check the prices and compare. If you see that your regular customers are now visiting you less, you need to redo your marketing strategy.  Have some help for your marketing plan by looking for marketing plan templates that can help you figure out how to give the best of both worlds for you and for your consumers.