Everyone is wondering what would be a good business to put up considering the worldwide state of the economy.  With so many companies closing down, a lot are putting a stop on their business plan no matter how good it would be.  No one can blame them; you have no assurance if you would have a profitable enterprise with today’s economy.   If you have that previous business plan, consider revising it or looking for a business plan template that would be in accordance to the following revelation.


Latest marketing surveys have revealed an interesting result: people are purchasing more and more on basic commodities. Foods like fresh meat, pasta, packed or frozen dinners.  The expenses saved from cut purchases of electronic gadgets, cosmetics, and clothes are invested in food.   There has been a marked decline in the unit sales of general merchandise categories.  A significant increase has been noted in canning and freezing supplies (18.1%), seasonal merchandise (8.3%) and fresh meat (5.6%).

More are in to preserving food for the freshest picks of the season are saved to for future consumption.  Usually, seasonal merchandise is put on sale, so many are eager to buy, even splurge, to have a stock in hand.  Aside from that, a lot are now seeing the merits of growing their own produce at their back yard.  Crops that they have harvested are canned and preserved, either for personal consumption or for sales.

More, however, are also buying food for consumption indoors.  People are spending less and less time eating and drinking outside their homes for a lot have realized that you can save a lot by consuming your favorite restaurant fair comfortably and enjoyably at home.

Experts agree that the future still foresee consumers more into buying basic commodities than other general merchandise.  If you are planning to do some marketing yourself, have it in your marketing checklist to include the basic needs that people require for living.