Every business has some factors that affect its outcome.  Certain factors affect the stability of income in a business.  It’s important to keep these factors in mind in your marketing checklist so you will have a contingency plan just in case these factors affect your marketing plan.

Consider the demographics of your target market.  Their status can help you predict their needs, which will help you adjust your marketing strategy.  Newlyweds are more likely to find a new home of their own that they will eagerly spend hours (and money) decorating and renovating to their liking.  An increase in the teenage population can increase the need for fashionable and trendy items.

The season can also predict social and cultural trends.  Summer will have the demand for swim wear, and the desire to spend some time for rest and relaxation.  The start of school will require parents to buy school supplies and materials that will help their kids get through school.

The advancement of technology gives rise to equipments and gadgets that help people live their lives easily and comfortably.  People are more geared to having medical check-ups in hospitals that have the latest in diagnostic equipments.  The latest MP3 player may not be suitable enough even if it has the highest of capacities when there’s an MP4 player around.   A businessman will opt to buy a PDA that does not only organize his agenda, but also help him reach people across the globe.

Not all trends may affect the market you plan to play in.  Plan your market carefully for you to know what it is you need to do or deal with so when changes in trends happen, you have something to counteract the change.  There are free marketing plan templates available online to help you get a head start on facing these trends that can affect your business stability.