You already have a business in mind.  All you need to do is put it into fruition so you can get benefits out of a planned market.  You already have your target market planned out, and you have a marketing plan already made. All you need now is to address your target market.  Businessmen, through countless research and experience, have formulated the 4 P’s of marketing.  These 4 P’s are vital when you make your marketing checklist, and must be thought of carefully.

Product: Whatever it is that you wish to offer, your product has a lot of characteristics that you need think of.  Harsh as it may, people often look into the packaging of a product, especially when it comes to cosmetics and food.  Functional items are often asked about warranty and support services in case the product would fail to perform what it’s supposed to do.

Price: In today’s recession, this is the primary motivator of people when it comes to purchasing a product.  Some buy wares that come in discounts when bought in bulk.  Your suggested retail price can either sway or dissuade a customer from buying your merchandise.

Place: The area that you need to cover may affect your ROI.  A wider area may mean greater expenses in terms of transfer and delivery.  Some employ the services of rental warehouses to lessen the travel time between distribution channels, as well as for ease in inventory management.  Where do you plan to market your product?  Location, location, location is always vital when distributing and selling products and services.

Promotion: You have to make your product known to the buying public.  Make sure your plan in you advertising strategy.  You might end up spending more on promoting your product in comparison to revenues that you will attain.  You can create some other promotional advertising like free samples, free services, or a demonstration of a product.

Carefully go through your marketing plan to make sure that you will fulfill the requirements of the 4 P’s.  If you don’t know how to go about your marketing plan, countless marketing plan templates are available to help you get started in making the most out of your marketing strategies.