A lot of people set up their business without bothering to expand their social network.  The do not realize that their social network can be the key to their success, and the productivity in sales.  The more contacts you have in your business, the more area and possibilities you can have for marketing your products.


Those who are business savvy always have the inclusion of a particular social network in their business plan and marketing checklist.  Business contacts that you gain through your network can help you define and customize your business and marketing strategies.  They may offer you help like financial advices, marketing strategies, and a whole lot more.  Some would even offer to help you create a free business plan template.  Your contacts can offer you lower prices of raw materials, or commodities that you might not find anywhere else.  The possibilities are endless if you would just think about it.

May it be real or online, the rules are pretty much the same and even simple.  If you’re invited to an event, get to know the organizer.  Show them your appreciation of being invited, and if able, ask and offer a helping hand.  While having a conversation, be polite as much as possible, and please do not cuss and curse.  Some people think it gathers attention.  Well, yes it does.  However, a negative attention is not what you need to foster a good relationship with people inside the social network.  Do not monopolize the conversation and do not press on your business with the people you are talking with.  The event is for socializing, not for purposive advertising of business.

Only give your business card if they so ask.  Offer.  Do not impose.  See who are the key persons are inside the room.  Side in while they’re having a conversation.  Listen to what they say and only offer your insights if they ask. Always put your finger into the pulse of the conversation.  Never say anything that is not related with the topic for risk of offending the people within the circle.

So go out and get into creating a social network that would be of good benefit for your business.  Stay away from negative people, and as much as possible, just be with those who are optimistic to help you get up that business ladder.